Adflex Marketing Pty Ltd (Adflex) is a face to face sales and marketing agency specialising in providing much needed revenue for Charities and Sporting Organisations in Australia.

The name “Ad/flex” derives from the concept of providing an advert that is flexible to customers, its clients and the Marketing Companies it supplies.

Why clients choose to work with Adflex Marketing;

Adflex Marketing has the flexibility to conduct fundraising campaigns either as a one off program, (in the form of a raffle or a trade promotion), or an on-going lottery program.

Both the Director of Adflex Marketing and its Business Development Consultant, have over 20 years experience in the sales and marketing industry

  • Adflex Marketing is a member of the Fundraising Institute of Australia (FIA)
  • Adflex Marketing has access to one of the largest networks of marketing companies around Australia.
  • Adflex Marketing has policies in place regarding Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) and Work Health and Safety.
  • As an agency we conduct compliance checks on all marketing companies that we outsource to.


There are two major objectives of Adflex:

  • To provide new customersincrease revenue and help create more awareness in the public for the clients it represents.
  •  To identify and manage marketing companies that are active in face to face sales, thus having a broad national reach and maintaining an efficient and productive service for our clients.

Whatever the fundraising concept or product, you will find Adflex willing to learn more about the cause your organisation represents and how you want it delivered to the public.

Adflex core values:

  • A team that is open to new products and ideas that you want delivered.
  • A team wanting to work together with its clients to find the best outcome.
  • An organisation that strives for long term relationships with all parties connected to the brand.

At Adflex the moto is  “advertising made flexible with the human touch.”